4 The Beauty of Life Images specializes in photo greeting and note cards for a variety of occasions. Each card is crafted with care and is made of high quality recycled cardstock.  Environmentally friendly soybean based ink is used for printing. The inside of the cards are blank to allow you to write your own personal message. Our photography is inspired by the beauty and wonders of creation. We hope that the images we captured would give you a greater appreciation of the world we live in.


Our Photos

The photographs used in the cards were taken in various locations They include Maryland, Virginia, California, and the Hawaiian Islands in the United States; the Bahaman Islands, The Kingdom of Bahrain in the Middle East, India and Honduras in Central America.


Sobrena Nicole ~ Photographer

I started taking pictures in high school after my dad bought a Canon Program AE SLR to take pictures at my sister’s graduation. Since I was the only one that knew how to load the film I became the appointed photographer; which meant I was required to shoot every church and Boy Scout function we attended. Thus began my love affair with the camera.





Jaison Paul ~ Photographer

Jaison Paul is a fellow photographer and friend that I had the pleasure of meeting during my trip to The Kingdom of Bahrain. His photos are also featured on a number of greeting cards as well as in the gallery. I am sure you will be as delighted as I am with the spectacular images he has captured.








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