Thank you to my MOM and DAD for their endless support and love.



This website is dedicated in loving memory of my mom, who wanted me to continue my photography journey.

 November 29, 1942 – September 21, 2012




To my friend/big brother Darryl (Doc) Scriven, thank you for the encouragement. To my cousin Mathis Tate (Studio Green), your assistance was greatly appreciated. Many thanks to David Dyson, Eddie Baccus Jr., Thanny and Tracyne, and Clifford Brown (Light Images Band) for allowing me to use your music. Thank you also to my family and friends for your support.





16 July 12 Mojdeh –  I really enjoyed the beautiful pictures. Good luck!


05 July 12 Pamela – Wow Great Pictures. Can’t wait to purchase!! Keep up the good work!


30 May 12 Synovia – Very nice pictures…and my baby loves the music, she was dancing while I was looking at the gallery.


30 May 12 Clifford Brown – Beautiful work Sobrena, I love the site!!


30 May 12  Rosemary Tate Hope to explore this in greater details ASAP!


28 May 12 Trina Collier – Congrats on the launch of your new site!! It’s beautiful #luvthemusic!! : )


28 May 12 Tracie Harrison – Congrats Cuz! Love this beautiful site & look forward to using this site : )


28 May 12 Melodie – Nice job!


28 May 12 Stephen A Banks – I’m loving the site and I will be using it. Congrats and good luck.






THANNY and TRACYNE – Lover’s Duet – Lover’s Duet